No smart phone for one year ?>

No smart phone for one year

smart-phoneHow much would you need to be paid to not use a smart phone for one year?

For me, I would need to be paid USD 100,000.

Since for me to not use the Internet for one year would require me to be paid USD 250,000, to not use the smart phone, a subset of the Internet, would require less money.

I pretty much check my phone at least once every 20 minutes. Living in China, the e-commerce industry is the most advanced in the world.

I use the below apps on my Iphone 6S:

  • Instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Wechat to communicate
  • Uber for taxis few times a day
  • Dianping to check for types of restaurants, bars and shops
  • YHD which is an app run by Walmart to buy groceries and other consumables at half the price of supermarkets
  • Taobao even allows me to order a maid, massage, dry cleaning and makeup artist directly to your home
  • Various payment apps such as Alipay and Apple Pay instead of cash when shopping at stores
  • Google Maps to navigate when I’m outside
  • Various internet banking apps developed by the banks to track my banking
  • Other very useful built in apps such as Calculator, Flashlight, Camera, Calendar

Given all these internet related features, I actually don’t really use the call feature of my smartphone much at all. Most of the calls I receive now are mainly from telemarketers. If I ever need to call, I mostly just use my desk phone at work or my Blackberry, since the bill is paid by the company. SMS feature is mainly used for verifying my phone number to log into apps. I hardly ever send an SMS.

Despite the convenience all in the palm of my hands, I am quite annoyed with myself for having to check my phone every 20 minutes and wouldn’t mind a break from this for a year. It would be good to live the old school way and break free from the technology.

That is why I only need 100k USD to compensate for not using a smartphone. There is too much information overload from having a powerful smartphone and I feel like I am a slave to it instead of being its master.


How much would you need to be paid to not use a smart phone for one year?

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