No Internet for one year ?>

No Internet for one year

digitando-textoHow much would you need to be paid to not use the internet for one year?

For me, I would need to be paid USD 250,000.

I spend about 12 hours a day on the Internet, 10 hours at work and 2 hours at home. So going through a year without the Internet would be really painful to me.

Even though most of the time at work I am not browsing the Internet, the knowledge of being isolated would make me feel really uneasy.

Don’t forget, all the apps on my iPhone and iPad also uses the Internet. See my post on no smart phone for one year.

Here are the list of things I do mostly on the Internet:


Whenever I need to learn something, I would either Google it or look it up in Wikipedia.

I would have to say most of the the knowledge I know now is from reading on the Internet rather than learning it from school or university.

I normally do this when I am bored at work. I make it a point to always be doing something constructive, whether its learning something or getting better at something I am already good at.

Sometimes when I get really bored, I would even just look at Google Map and polish up on my geography.


I like to download movies, TV shows, music and books. The best site I found for downloading these is The Pirate Bay. It has been shut down and reopened countless times and remains the best BitTorrent site for the past decade.

Another good BitTorrent site is Kickass Torrents, whenever Pirate Bay is down, I can use this one as back up.

The best site for purely downloading TV shows is EZTV, it has almost all the popular TV shows there ever was. However, I do not encourage watching too much TV and would love to challenge myself to Not watch TV for one year.


Gone are the days of instant messaging on a PC with programs like ICQ, MSN and AOL. They are all now replaced by Mobile apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat. However I don’t think it feels like instant messaging as people don’t reply instantly on mobile chat apps and social media programs like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

For work I still use Reuters Messenger and Instant Bloomberg Chat to do trading. Chatting to clients and colleagues on RM and IB chat feels like the old days. However, there are growing regulatory scrutiny regarding use of instant messaging chat program due to the Libor fixing scandals.

Other tasks

Obviously there are so many other odd tasks which needs the internet, like doing my online tax returns, online shopping etc.

To give up all the above, as well as the smart phone internet apps, asking for 250k USD is not an awful lot.


How much would you need to be paid to not use the internet for one year?

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