In prison for one year ?>

In prison for one year

prison-cell-bathroomHow much would you need to be paid to be in prison for one year?

For me, I would need to be paid USD 10,000,000.

The isolation aspect is not that daunting, as I am fine doing nothing all day and don’t get easily bored. I could stay at home easily for a week without going out of my house.

Ironic as it may be, being a blogger, I am not addicted to the internet or any electronic gadgets. I can not use the internet for one year or not use a smart phone for one year given the appropriate level of compensation. I am also totally comfortable with being under House arrest for one year.

The most daunting aspect is the violence and rape that I might be a victim to. To be tortured for a whole year will scar me for the rest of my life physically as well as mentally. I will probably have trouble taking a dump for years on end.

Even if I do not get subjected to any violence, having to hang out with criminals and prison guards all day would be also very demoralizing. Not to mention no sex for one year (unless the prison allows conjugal visits).

I would also have a criminal record, so looking for a job afterwards would be very difficult and I will have no source of income.

1 million dollars would definitely not be enough to compensate me for all this as one can easily make this kind of money their lifetime. 5 million dollars is comfortable, you would not need to work but you cannot enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with this amount of money and is probably not worth the year in prison.  So for me, 10 million dollars ought to do the trick to go to prison for one year.

I have personally known someone who committed white collar crime and was sent to prison for 16 months. After he came out, he didn’t look that bad so I think 10 mil can give me enough mental strength to tough it out in prison for a year.


How much do you need to be paid to be in prison for one year?

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