House arrest for one year ?>

House arrest for one year

baby-bedroom-model-houseHow much would you need to be paid to be under house arrest for one year?

For me, I would need to be paid USD 1,000,000.

If you read my post In prison for one year, you would know that my main concern for being in prison is not confinement or isolation, but rather risk to my safety.

With the safety of being in my own home, house arrest is no big deal to me. The only sacrifices to be made are loss of freedom and communication with the outside world. I am a fairly private person by nature and living on my own for a year is quite bearable.

I could just stock up lots of books and catch up on my knowledge. After one year I would be an expert in at least one field. I could also practice the piano or learn an new instrument for hours each day and become pro when my house arrest sentence has finished.

After doing some research on house arrest from Wikipedia, I found out that the level of confinement, travel, means of communication varies between different jurisdictions.

Typically, the person under house arrest does not have access to any means of communication. If electronic communication is allowed, conversations will most likely be monitored.

Offenders are rarely confined to their residence 24 hours a day. Most programs allow employed offenders to continue to work, and only confine them during non-working hours. Offenders are also commonly allowed to leave their homes for specific purposes; such as visits to the probation officer or police station, religious exceptions and medical appointments. Many programs also allow the convict to leave the residence during regular, pre-approved times in order to carry out general household errands such as food shopping and laundry. Exceptions are often made to allow visitors to visit the offender.

The house arrest scenario I am referring to here, is the most serious form called home incarceration, which would constrain an offender to their home constantly, aside from court-sanctioned treatment programmes and medical appointments.

If you have read my post on No internet for one year and No smart phone for one year, then you would know that the price equates to around 500k USD. If I get to have the Internet and can go out for regular grocery stores, half a million dollars or less would easily suffice.


How much would you need to be paid to be under house arrest for one year?

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